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Inspired by Japanese packaging. 

The Arizona kit package is shaped

like Arizona through and through.


The kit has 4 layers of laser cut cardboard, 1 layer of wood, 3 layers that make up the acrylic cacti, and finished with a mat board cover. The cacti included are 1 Saguaro and 1 Prickly pear. 
The placements of the cactus has already been decided and easy to figure out where they sit, but the cactus can be put together anyway the user thinks looks best. 
On the wood I lasered 3 major destinations and their outlines; The Grand Canyon, Phoenix and Tucson.

Wood base is 4X4.75in 
Saguaro is almost 5 inches tall.  


I've always thought, if there is a bar or night club out there with excessive Black Light, I could make them some pretty cool custom art 

THESE ARE COOL! Standard packaging would be a damn insult..
So I'll make my own package
Included my own instructions

To reduce the chances of breakage, I am mailing these as flat as possible. Which means the customer has to assemble the wall hang themselves. 
Its about as fool proof as an assembly could be, so I know I have to make an ID Control Drawing for the customer.

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