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Scene Painting

Theatre, Undergrad 2007


we started out with shapes, learning about light and shadows


Learned how to effectively create wood grain. Then used only highlight and shadow to create the rest of the work

When I get my first big office, this picture will sit on the wall behind my desk. And my co workers will think I'm highly obnoxious

(insert evil laugh) 

Crouching tiger hidden dragon

Creating stone marble. Almost the same as wood grain, but much smaller patches of color.


Plus add two objects on the mantel.

Crouching tiger hidden dragon, was still relevant at that time 

Forest Lake

This one was super challenging. if the foliage wasn't hard enough, you had to duplicate it in the water reflection and make it blurry

The couch

More wood grain, plus cloth and other textures.

Conan O'Brien

The classes favorite. 

Portrait of Conan O'Brien, painted in only 5 colors.

This was during his transition to the Tonight Show.  I posted it on any different social media platforms, in the hopes that he would see it. Not sure if he has

All paintings are 6x4ft
in chronological order of creation
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