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Technology*User Needs*Business Goals

Drone controllers just aren't intuitive enough.  I stopped flying my Phantom DJI because there were too many close calls. 

I designed this controller to be intuitive. No more can you confuse Up with Forward and Down with Back. 

I created the same feeling, as if the operator was in the Pilot seat. Hand coordination derived from flying real planes, the left hand steers, while the left hand controls speeds. 

You want the drone to rise up? Raise the controller up. Want it to go forward? push the most forward button, also helps that button is pointing in the same direction. 
Left hand controls the drone's rotation and camera rotation.

The camera on the drone is directly under the drone, mirroring the camera controls on the bottom of the controller.

The water kettle designed for people with low hand strength and the visually challenged. 

Interviewed over two dozen hands. Carefully reconstructed countless coffee and tea pouring habits. 

Designed a multi functional and aesthetically pleasing water kettle.

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