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Trailer of my Spring 2017 semester studio project.


This is a project that took 13 months of dedicated work.

weighing in 26lbs, this is an ironman MARK III suit made entirely out of poptabs and chainmail. Even encompasses a light up Arc Reactor chest piece. 

UFO tour

Do you know how hard and expensive it is to film in night vision?!?!

I found a way to do it for nearly free.  I designed a jig that would hold a night vision mono pod and a smart phone holder. This aligns the the camera lens square in the eye piece and lets me record night vision. 
The Jig was made from spare parts and a $3.99 phone accessory.

This is an important video, that is shared amongst Ufologists at UFO related conferences. 

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I am a multidisciplinary designer interested in product design. I turned in my graphic artist job to get a Masters degree in Industrial design, fueling my desire to create physical/tangible products. My entrepreneurial adventures over the last few years have been fun and lucrative. My passion is finding the balance between creative and functional products. My career goal is to create useful products that will inspire and motivate people while leaving lasting impressions and create product experiences.