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YouTube videos

The ones worth mentioning..

Trailer of my Spring 2017 semester studio project.


This is a project that took 13 months of dedicated work.

weighing in 26lbs, this is an ironman MARK III suit made entirely out of poptabs and chainmail. Even encompasses a light up Arc Reactor chest piece. 

UFO tour

Do you know how hard and expensive it is to film in night vision?!?!

I found a way to do it for nearly free.  I designed a jig that would hold a night vision mono pod and a smart phone holder. This aligns the the camera lens square in the eye piece and lets me record night vision. 
The Jig was made from spare parts and a $3.99 phone accessory.

This is an important video, that is shared amongst Ufologists at UFO related conferences. 

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